Degree Requirements

  1. Admission to Indiana University: Managed by the University Admission Office at or International Admissions at intladm [at] indiana [dot] edu. Initial assignment is to University Division for orientation to the university’s 17 schools and colleges and 175+ undergraduate programs, an individual academic advising is assigned to each student to assist in identifying a major, obtaining program planning sheets and beginning program specific prerequisite course work.
  2. General Education Requirements: All undergraduate degree programs include a selection of liberal arts distribution requirements. All programs require a passing grade in each course. The elementary level programs require a "C" average in each teaching area (fine arts, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies). The elementary program requires a "C or higher" in each course and a 2.5 overall in the student's selected area of concentration. Teacher education program students typically take general education distribution courses and prerequisites in their first two semesters of attendance.
  3. Admission to the School of Education Teacher Education Program: Applications are considered on October 1 for spring semester and March 1 for fall semester courses. Applicants are required to have enrolled in or completed all prerequisite courses, establish a 2.5 or greater GPA for a minimum of 26 credit hours, successfully document basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, and apply online at the SOE Web site: Admission to programs is competitive, and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
  4. Professional Education courses: Applicants are required to begin authorized professional education course sequence upon admission to the program. All authorized courses must be successfully completed in sequence without interruption from one semester to the next. Courses must be taken in the prescribed blocks/clusters. Successful completion of all courses (C or better) in a block/cluster is a prerequisite for the next set of courses and student teaching. Students who opt out of the program at any point will need to appeal to the Academic Standards Committee for readmission on a space available basis. Students may add an additional semester(s) between the completion of the last set of professional courses and student teaching as needed without penalty as long as the course work meets recency requirements.
  5. Field Experiences: Required assignments to preschool, elementary, and secondary schools as determined by program. Students will be held to professional standards of behavior and will be required to provide a legal criminal history check before placement.
  6. Student Teaching: Applications for student teaching placements take place a year before the classroom assignment. All assignments are arranged by the Office of Teacher Education. Students will be required to attend an application meeting and a preprofessional meeting before attending the assigned school. Student teaching assignments are coupled with a field-based seminar.
  7. All programs require the completion of at least 35 credit hours of upper division course work (300 level or higher).
  8. All programs require the completion of at least 30 of the last 60 credit hours while in residence at the Bloomington campus of the School of Education. These 30 credit hours include student teaching as well as methods course(s) in the major teaching area. The 30 credit hours should include either one 12 credit hour regular semester or two 6 credit hour summer sessions. The student must also take some of the course work in the major on the Bloomington campus, unless transferring from an Indiana University campus where a degree in the major is offered. In such cases, the requirement that some of the course work in the major area be taken on the campus may be waived if it seems appropriate.
  9. The School of Education calculates two GPAs: The University GPA includes all course work taken at Indiana University. The Program GPA includes only courses counted in the degree program. In both cases, a minimum 2.5 GPA is required. Each professional and content or area of concentration course must be completed with a C or higher and a 2.5 GPA overall.
  10. All teacher education programs require a 2.5 GPA for admission, retention, student teaching, graduation, and licensing. See individual program sheets for particular details.
  11. Course expiration date: At Bloomington, all professional and technology course work must be completed within 10 years. Course work that is 10 or more years old may be considered in the program if revalidated. Each program establishes requirements for course revalidation and may limit the amount of old course work they allow in a program. The methods of revalidating professional and technology courses may include, but are not limited to: (a) passing an examination specifically covering the material taught in the course, (b) completion of a more advanced course in the same subject area, and (c) presenting evidence of extensive professional experience that requires the application of material taught in the course or competence in the requisite skill areas. Students must meet the certification standards in place at the time of application to the state to be recommended for a license.
  12. Credit hours: Credit hours, not grades, may be transferred to Indiana University. Grades earned at other institutions are disregarded after credit conversion is verified. Therefore, only the grades earned in courses taken at an Indiana University campus will be used to compute the GPA.

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