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Withdrawn from Course (W)
Withdrawing from a course does not result in a grade or figure into the hours of credit or GPA calculations. A student must refer to the date published online at OneStart or the Schedule of Classes/enrollment bulletin to determine the last date for an automatic W from a class for each semester or summer session, or call the Office of Teacher Education for more details. After the automatic withdrawal date has passed, the instructor and the associate dean for teacher education make a determination about whether to give a W or a WF withdrawn failing. Ordinarily, the only acceptable reason for withdrawal is illness or obligation of employment. It's the student's responsibility to start the withdrawal procedure by getting the form and asking the appropriate people to sign it. The application for withdrawal must be processed within 10 days of its receipt.

Note: Students withdrawing from a course to which a laboratory/field experience is linked (M 101, M 201, M 301, M 303, M 401, M 403) must initiate withdrawal from both the academic class and the field experience. Withdrawal is not automatic. Failure to do so may result in a grade of F in the laboratory/field experience.

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