Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average is determined by multiplying the credit hours by the credit points for each course completed, adding up all the products, and dividing the sum of the products by the number of credit hours in which credit points were received.

The School of Education calculates two GPAs: the University GPA includes all course work taken at Indiana University. The Degree GPA includes only courses counted in the program. In both cases, a minimum 2.5 GPA is required. Each professional and content or area of concentration course must be completed with a C or higher and a 2.5 overall.

Grading System

A =
4.0 credit points
A- = 3.7 credit points
B+ = 3.3 credit points
B = 3.0 credit points
B- = 2.7 credit points
C+ = 2.3 credit points
C = 2.0 credit points
C- = 1.7 credit points
D+ = 1.3 credit points
D = 1.0 credit point
D- = 0.7 credit points
F = 0 credit points = Failed
S or P = Satisfactory or Passing: Credit hours are awarded for S and P.
R = Deferred: No credit hours awarded.
I = Incomplete: No credit hours awarded.
W = Withdrawn: No credit hours awarded.
FN = Failure: Not attending
NC = No credit

All Professional Education coursework in the School of Education must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Any student who receives a grade of C– or lower in a Professional Education course must retake the course prior to proceeding in the program. Students who are under the "conditional admission" category to the School of Education must complete any Professional Education admission course with a C or higher letter grade in order to remain eligible for authorized courses.

Academic Bulletins

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