Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Incomplete Grades
If a student is not in attendance during the last several weeks of a semester, the instructor may report a grade of I (indicating that the work submitted is satisfactory but that the entire course has not been completed) if the instructor has reason to believe that the absence was beyond the student's control; if not, the instructor shall record a grade of F or FN.

The time allowed for the removal of an I grade is one calendar year from the date of its recording, the dean of the student’s college or school may authorize adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances. By assigning an I, an instructor implicitly authorizes and requires that the registrar automatically change an I to an F at the end of the appropriate time period if the student fails to complete the course work to the instructor’s satisfaction. Both the student and the instructor in whose course the student received the I will be notified of this change of grade.

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