Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Pass/Fail Option (P/F)

Within certain restrictions, students in good standing may choose to take some elective courses or general-education courses on a P/F basis. The instructor is not notified of the student’s decision to take the course P/F.

The decision to take a class Pass/Fail must be made on or before the end of the first three weeks of class during the regular semester and on or before the end of two weeks in a summer session. Check the Schedule of Classes or Enrollment Bulletin for the exact dates. Appropriate forms are available in the Office of Teacher Education.

There are two restrictions to the Pass/Fail option:

  1. The P/F option may not be used for any course in a subject in which the student wishes to be certified to teach. That is, all courses in the content field and all courses in professional education must be taken for a letter grade. Note: Elementary education and early childhood education majors may use the P/F option only for credit hours over and above the minimum hours required in the areas of language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, and the arts. Secondary and K-12 students may use the P/F option only for elective credit hours or for courses that satisfy the general-education requirements. CMCL-C 121, COMM-C 110, and ENG-W 131 or their approved substitutions may not be taken P/F.
  2. A maximum of two courses per academic year may be taken on a P/F basis. The academic year begins in the fall and includes the following year’s summer sessions.

If a student earns a passing grade, a P is recorded on the transcript; this grade of P cannot be replaced by the actual letter grade earned in the course. The grade of P is assigned no grade points and is not considered in computing the grade point average.

If a student earns an F in the course, an F is entered on the transcript. The grade of F is treated as a regular letter grade and is used in computing the grade point average.

Academic Bulletins

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