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Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies

The Program in Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies (SEAS) fosters the development, acquisition, and sharing of knowledge about the countries and people of Southeast Asia and the ways they relate to each other and to the world. This recently established program within the School of Global and International Studies is rooted in Indiana University's rich tradition of international outreach and educational exchange in Southeast Asia. The Program is dedicated to creating forums and opportunities through which students and faculty can develop a greater and more comprehensive understanding of Southeast Asia.

SEAS seeks to pursue its interests and goals through academic year and summer courses, including instruction in Southeast Asian languages; development of undergraduate minors, certificates, and degrees; study abroad opportunities; internships in Southeast Asia; public lecture series; arts programming; research support; and collaborative endeavors in partnership with programs and institutions in Southeast Asia, the Asia Pacific region, and the United States.

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Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies
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