College Schools, Departments & Programs

Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies

Affiliated Faculty
  • Christopher Beckwith (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Curtis Bonk (Instructional Systems Technology)
  • Nick Cullather (History, International Studies)
  • Michael Hamburger (Geological Sciences)
  • Stephanie Kane (International Studies)
  • Dina Okamoto (Sociology)
  • P.Q. Phan (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Richard Wilk (Anthropology)
  • David Williams (Maurer School of Law)
  • Susan Williams (Maurer School of Law)
Associate Professors
  • Stephanie DeBoer (The Media School, International Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Sara Friedman (Anthropology, East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Kevin Jaques (Religious Studies)
  • Frederika Kaestle (Anthropology)
  • Pedro Machado (History)
  • Phil Parnell (International Studies)
  • Peg Sutton (School of Education)
  • Anh Tran (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Joel Wong (School of Education)
  • Ellen Wu (History)
Assistant Professors
  • Jennifer Goodlander (Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance)
  • Amali Ibrahim (International Studies, Religious Studies)
  • Nozomi Tanaka (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Clinical Professor
  • Noy Kay (School of Public Health)
  • Jonathan Racek (School of Art and Design)
Senior Scientist
  • Chusi Li (Geological Sciences)
Adjunct Instructor
  • Suriya Sriphrom (Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies)
Area Librarian
  • Karen Farrell (Wells Library)
Professors Emeriti
  • David Dilcher (Biology, Geological Sciences)
  • Ronald Osgood (Telecommunications)