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Liberal Arts and Management Program


The Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) is an honors-level, interdisciplinary certificate program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the Kelley School of Business. LAMP combines a liberal arts or science major with specialized training in business and management to prepare strong students with wide interests and leadership potential for exciting futures. Selected on a competitive basis, undergraduates pursuing a major in the College of Arts and Sciences enter the three-year LAMP program as sophomores. LAMP students acquire both technical business and management skills and an understanding of the social, political, and cultural contexts that shape business life. Building on the bachelor's degree requirements of the College, students in LAMP take courses in management, business law, and computer applications in the Kelley School of Business and economics courses in the College. To draw together their coursework in business, economics, and liberal arts, LAMP students take the program's own seminars. Through LAMP seminars, students engage in dynamic, deeply thought-provoking writing- and discussion-centered learning. As they solve real-world business problems and analyze the relationships between business and society, students connect with faculty who bring many perspectives from different disciplines.

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Liberal Arts and Management Program
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