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Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies

Minor in Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies

The primary objectives of the Minor in Southeast Asian ASEAN Studies are to increase undergraduate knowledge of Southeast Asia and its languages. Students have the opportunity to study histories, economies, identities, cultural practices, religions, forms of governance, environments and languages of populations of Southeast Asia and the lands and waters they inhabit. This minor also provides students with knowledge of Southeast Asia as a subject of academic study and research.


Students must complete 15 credit hours in the minor, including the College's minimum Requirements for Minors and the following:

  1. Core Courses. At least two (2) courses selected from the following:
    • SEAS-I 271 Indonesian Culture
    • SEAS-T 281 Thai Culture
    • SEAS-S 231 Growing Up in Southeast Asia
    • SEAS-X 373 Internship in Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies
    • SEAS-X 490 Undergraduate Readings in Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies
    • THTR-T 469 Globalization, Theatre, and Performance in Southeast Asia
  2. Electives. Additional courses to complete the remainder of the selected from the Core Courses list (item 1 above) or the following:
    • GER-E 342 Topics in Dutch Culture and History (Approved topic: Dutch Footprints All Over the World)
    • INTL-I 304 Advanced Topics in Human Rights and International Law
    • HIST-A 205 Asian American History
    • HIST-A 380 The Vietnam War
    • HIST-A 385 America's Pacific
    • HIST-J 300 Seminar In History (Approved topic: The United States and the Pacific Wars: Social and Cultural Consequences)
    • HIST-J 400 Seminar in History (Approved topic: Cradle of Globalization? History, Economy, Society, and Diaspora in the Indian Ocean)
    • HIST-W 300 Issues in World History (Approved topic: Slavery and Freedom in World History)
    • REL-A 270 Introduction to Islam
    • REL-A 380 Knowing the Will of God in Islam I: Law
    • REL-A 480 Knowing the Will of God in Islam II: Theology
    • REL-B 210 Introduction to Buddhism
    • REL-B 433 Embodying Nirvana
    • SEAS-I 101 Elementary Indonesian I
    • SEAS-I 102 Elementary Indonesian II
    • SEAS-I 201 Intermediate Indonesian I
    • SEAS-I 202 Intermediate Indonesian II
    • SEAS-T 101 Elementary Thai I
    • SEAS-T 102 Elementary Thai II
    • THTR-T 468 Asian Performance
  3. The above courses must include:
    1. A minimum of 9 credit hours taken in residency on the Bloomington campus
    2. A minimum of 9 credit hours at the 300-400 level
    3. No more than 3 credit hours of internship (X373)
    4. No more than 3 credit hours of independent readings (X490)