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Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies is a humanities-style program focused primarily on the critical and theoretical study of cinema, television, and new media. We offer a broad-based curriculum that balances introductory courses in film, critical television studies, and/or new media theory, criticism, and history with advanced courses devoted to the latest developments in the field. To provide valuable hands-on experience, we also offer a number of film and video production courses. Our curriculum and requirements are flexible, so that students may craft individualized programs of study that concentrate on a specific medium; that investigate the relationships among media; or that explore the relationship of media studies to rhetoric or ethnographic and performance studies.

Students interested in taking film and media classes, as well as students seeking to major or minor with an emphasis in film studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, should look for film and/or media course listings under the heading for the Department of Communication and Culture.

For more information, please contact Joan Hawkins, Director of Film and Media Resources, Department of Communication and Culture, (812) 855-1548; jchawkin [at] indiana [dot] edu.