Departments & Programs

Criminal Justice

  • Michael Grossberg, Sally M. Reahard Professor of History and Professor of Law
Virginia L. Roberts Professor
  • Bruce Sales
  • Roger Levesque
  • Kip Schlegel
Associate Professors
  • William Oliver
  • Marla Sandys
  • Arvind Verma
Assistant Professors
  • Mark Berg
  • Nathalie Fontaine
Adjunct Professor
  • Stephanie Kane (International Studies)
Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Philip Parnell (International Studies)
Senior Lecturer
  • William Head
Senior Scholar
  • Richard Lippke
Academic Advising
  • Valerie C. Aquila, Sycamore Hall 336
  • Krystie Herndon, Sycamore Hall 301

To schedule an advising appointment, please call (812) 855-9325.