Counseling and Educational Psychology

Ph.D. Minor in Educational Psychology

The Minor in Educational Psychology is a 12 credit hour minor designed to meet the needs of Ph.D. students in all areas of the IU School of Education and other degrees on campus. The courses below represent the suggested framework for Educational Psychology Minors and Educational Psychology faculty to develop a minor that meets the goals of the student.

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

Possible courses are (but not limited to):

  • P513 Gerontology:  Multidisciplinary Perspectives (3 cr.)
  • P514 Life Span Development: Birth to Death (3 cr.)
  • P515 Child Development (3 cr.)
  • P516 Adolescent Development (3 cr.)
  • P517 Adult Development and Aging (3 cr.)
  • P518 Social Aspects of Aging (3 cr.)
  • P540 Learning and Cognition in Education (3 cr.)
  • P544 Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies (3 cr.)
  • P545 Educational Motivation (3 cr.)
  • P566 Social Psychology in Education (3 cr.)
  • P590 Independent Study or Research in Educational Psychology (3 cr.)
  • P600 Topical Seminar in Learning, Cognition & Instruction (3 cr.)
  • P601 Educational and Historical Foundations of Psychology (3 cr.)
  • P622 Social Development (3 cr.)
  • P623 Child Development (3 cr.)
  • P624 The Biology of Behavior: Implications for Educational & Clinical Practice (3 cr.)
  • P625 Family Processes (3 cr.)
  • P640 Thinking and Learning in Social Contexts (3 cr.)
  • P650 Topical Seminar in Educational Psychology (3 cr.)

The doctoral minor in Educational Psychology does not require a minor qualifying exam.

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