Organization of the School and Program Advisors

Counseling and Educational Psychology Department Website
Chair Y. Joel Wong
Counseling (Masters and Specialist) Ellen Vaughan
Counseling Psychology (Doctoral) Lynn Gillman
Developmental Psychology (Masters and Doctoral) David Estell
Educational Psychology (Masters specialization of Learning Sciences and Doctoral) David Estell
Human Development (Doctoral)  David Estell
Inquiry Methodology (Masters specialization of Learning Sciences and Doctoral)  Barbara Dennis
Learning Science (Certificate, Masters, and Doctoral)

Joshua Danish

School Psychology (Specialist and Doctoral) Scott Bellini
Director of Center for Human Growth Lynn Gilman
Director of Institute for Child Study David Shriberg

Curriculum and Instruction Department Website
Chair Lara Lackey
Art Education (Masters) Marjorie Manifold
Art Education (Doctoral) Lara Lackey
Community of Teachers (CoT) Gretchen Butera
Curriculum Studies Robert Kunzman
Early Childhood Education Mary McMullen, Cary Buzzelli
Elementary Education (Masters) Mary McMullen
Mathematics Education (Masters and Doctoral) Amy Hackenberg
Preparing Educators for Students with Autism (PESA)  Hannah Schertz
Science Education (Doctoral) Meredith Park Rogers
Science Education (Masters) Adam V. Maltese
Secondary Education David J. Flinders
Secondary Transition to Teaching  Ben Edmonds
Social Studies Education (Masters and Doctoral) Keith Barton
Special Education (Certificate and Masters) Gretchen Butera
Special Education (Doctoral) Erna Alant

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department Website
Chair Dionne Danns
Educational Foundations Bradley Levinson
Educational Leadership (Masters) Walter Bourke
Educational Leadership (Specialist) Barbara Erwin
Educational Leadership (Doctoral) Janet Decker
Educational Law (Certificate) Suzanne Eckes
Higher Education (Doctoral) Gary Pike
Higher Education and Student Affairs (Certificate and Masters) Danielle DeSawal
History and Philosophy of Education (Masters) Andrea Walton
History, Philosophy and Policy in Education (Doctoral-Specialization in Education Policy Studies) Margaret Sutton
History, Philosophy and Policy in Education (Doctoral-Specialization in History of Education) Christopher Lubienski, David Rutkowski
History, Philosophy and Policy in Education (Doctoral-Specialization in Philosophy of Education) Quentin Wheeler-Bell
Institutional Research (Certificate) Victor Borden
International and Comparative Education (Masters) Bradley Levinson

Instructional Systems Technology Department Website
Chair Krista Glazewski
Adult Education Marjorie Treff
Instructional Systems Technology (Ed.D.) Thomas Brush
Instructional Systems Technology (Certificate, Masters, Ph.D.) Krista Glazewski

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Department Website
Chair Mary Beth Hines 
Literacy, Culture, and Language Education  (Master's, Specialist, and Doctoral)  Mary Beth Hines
Elementary Literacy Donna Adomat
English Education Mary Beth Hines
English as a Foreign/Second/New Language (EFL/ESL/ENL)(Graduate Level) Faridah Pawan
World Languages/ENL Martha Nyikos

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