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Minor in Informatics

Pictured | Joe Sage | Video/Motion Media / Minor in Informatics | Elkhart, Indiana (hometown)
Photo credit | Joseph Rocco | Graphic Design | La Grange, Illinois (hometown)

Minor in Informatics

Informatics provides current IU South Bend students the technology education to solve real world problems. It gives students a structural path to a bright future in information technology careers while also providing the flexibility they need to study what they love. The Minor in Informatics provides the necessary technical expertise to student who are seeking a broad understanding of information technology, its social and psychological dimensions.

Students should contact the department office ( or (574) 520-5521) before their first semester to schedule a meeting with an Informatics advisor to develop a plan for their academic course of study.

Minor Requirements

The courses offered as informatics electives vary over time. Many courses at the 300-level or above in computer and information sciences and decision sciences can count as electives. The student should consult the informatics program director for details.

Courses may count toward the minor and at the same time satisfy particular general-education requirements of the major field of study. However, no course can count toward both a major and a minor. If a conflict occurs, students would enroll in additional replacement courses chosen in conjunction with the major field advisor and the director of informatics. Courses not listed above may be included in the course of study with permission of the director of informatics.

The minor in Informatics requires students to take three lower-level informatics courses and two upper-level informatics or upper-level elective courses from the table below. Prerequisite courses may be required. A grade of C- or higher in each course is required unless otherwise specified.

Lower-Level Courses (11-12 cr.)

Select three from the following:

  • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.)
    A grade of C or better is required. Placement exam is available.
  • INFO-I 202 Social Informatics
  • INFO-I 210 Information Infrastructure I (4 cr.)
    Test out is available
    CSCI-A 201 Introduction to Programming may be substituted for those students not intending to take INFO-I 211 Information Infrastructure II
  • INFO-I 211 Information Infrastructure II (4 cr.)
    Test out is available.

Upper-Level Courses (6 cr.)

Select two from the following:

  • CSCI-A 340 An Introduction to Web Programming
  • CSCI-B 401 Fundamentals of Computing Theory
  • CSCI-B 424 Parallel and Distributed Programming
  • CSCI-B 438 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • CSCI-B 451 Security in Computing
  • CSCI-C 311 Programming Languages
  • CSCI-C 335 Computer Structures (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 421 Digital Design (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 435 Operating Systems 1 (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 455 Analysis of Algorithms I
  • CSCI-C 463 Artificial Intelligence I
  • CSCI-C 481 Interactive Computer Graphics
  • CSCI-C 490 Seminar in Computer Science
  • INFO-I 300 Human-Computer Interaction Design and Programming
  • INFO-I 303 Organizational Informatics
  • INFO-I 310 Multimedia Arts and Technology
  • INFO-I 320 Distributed Systems and Collaborative Computing
  • INFO-I 400 Topics in Informatics
    (e.g., bioinformatics, game programming)
  • INFO-I 421 Applications of Data Mining

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