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Certificates in Computer Sciences

Pictured | Joseph Lyons | Certificate in Computer Programming | Plymouth, Indiana (hometown)

Certificate in Advanced Computer Programming

The Certificate in Advanced Computer Programming builds upon the skills developed in the Certificate in Computer Programming by training professionals and current students in mid-size software development projects, macro-level problem solving, project management, working in teams, special topics in computer science, etc. Students who complete this certificate will receive training in data structures and systems analysis and design.

Students must complete two required elective courses related to software development, such as, software engineering, web programming, mobile programming, game programming, advanced programming, parallel and distributed programming, and human computer interaction. Students need to complete an additional CSCI course above the level of CSCI-C 243.

A student who has earned this certificate may afterwards continue to take additional courses and earn the B.S. in Computer Science.

Students should contact the department office ( or (574) 520-5521) before their first semester to schedule a meeting with a computer science advisor to develop a plan for their academic course of study.

  • The certificate consists of 17 credit hours. Complete the following courses with a grade of C- or higher unless otherwise specified; at least four of these courses must be taken at IU South Bend.
  • Students without appropriate computer programming experience may have to take additional prerequisite courses. Consult with a computer science advisor.
  • In addition, the student must take and pass ENG-W 130 Principles of Composition with a grade of C or higher, or else must score at a level that would permit them to take ENG-W 131 Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I on the IU South Bend English placement examination.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Prerequisites (12 cr.)
  • CSCI-B 100 Problem Solving Using Computer (4 cr.)
    A grade of C or better required; placement exam is available
  • CSCI-C 101 Computer Programming I (4 cr.)
    Test out is available
  • CSCI-C 201 Computer Programming II (4 cr.)
    Test out is available
  • Additional mathematic prerequisite courses may be needed

Requirements (17 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 243 Introduction to Data Structures (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 308 System Analysis and Design (4 cr.)
  • Required electives (CSCI-B, CSCI-C, and CSCI-P courses). Select two topics from the list below; additional courses with the approval of the Department Chair.
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Programming
  • Mobile Programming
  • Game Programming
  • Advanced Programming (Java, C#, etc.)
  • Parallel and Distributed Programming
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • One additional computer science course above the level of CSCI-C 243 Introduction to Data Structures

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