Kelley Undergraduate Program

Academic Honors and Awards

Business Honors Program

The Kelley School of Business Honors Program is a highly selective academic experience that provides students with increased challenges and innovative learning experiences. The program facilitates students attaining their potential both inside and outside the classroom through special curricula, leadership opportunities, mentoring, increased networking opportunities, and the individual student/faculty interaction that is necessary to fully develop those students who possess the capacity and motivation to excel.

For information about the application, admission process, and curriculum, please visit the Business Honors website.

Academic Distinction                                                      

Academic distinction for excellence in scholarship is based on a Kelley School of Business student's cumulative GPA. The graduation program and eligibility for cream and crimson fourragère (cords) are based on distinction levels from a student's cumulative GPA at the conclusion of a student's penultimate semester. The Official IU transcript and diploma will note the distinction level based on the student's final cumulative GPA. 

  • Highest Distinction:  Cumulative GPA of 3.900-4.000
  • High Distinction:  Cumulative GPA of 3.800-3.899
  • Distinction:  Cumulative GPA of 3.700-3.799

Hutton Honors College 

Kelley School of Business students may participate in IU’s Hutton Honors College, if they meet admission criteria.  Kelley School students may participate in Hutton Honors, Business Honors, or both programs. For more information about the Hutton Honors College, students should consult the Hutton Honors website and follow up with their staff.  

Founders Scholars & Honors Convocation

While the Kelley School does not have a Dean’s List, Kelley Students may qualify to be IU Founders Scholars. To be designated a Founders Scholar, an undergraduate degree-seeking student must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.8 or above by the end of the fall term immediately preceding the Honors Convocation.  All Founders Scholars receive a formal letter of commendation sent to the student's home address. The letter is accompanied by a formal invitation to the convocation. Eligible students should also review their IU email and the website linked above for more information.   


Academic Bulletins

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