Kelley Undergraduate Program

Minors and Certificates

Business Foundations Certificate

About the Business Foundations Certificate (BFC):

  • The BFC provides the liberal arts and professional school student with an introduction to the basic concepts of business.
  • The BFC is flexible enough to be easily integrated into a student’s major area of study since the subject matter complements
    most academic pursuits
  • Questions about the Business Foundations Certificate should be directed to
  • A complete list of Kelley School of Business Minors and Certificates can be found here

BFC Application:

  • In addition to satisfying course requirements, candidates for the Business Foundations Certificate must apply online

Grades & GPA Requirements:

  • An overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses counting toward the BFC is required.
  • With the exception of BUS-K 201, which requires a grade of C or better, all BFC courses require a passing grade (D- or better).

Other Policies:

  • A maximum of two Required Courses (see below) may be completed outside of IU Bloomington.
  • ALL Elective Business Courses and Additional Electives (see below) must be complete on the IU Bloomington campus.
  • Any non-remedial course at IU Bloomington meets the Additional Electives (see below) requirement for the BFC.

Required courses (15 credit hours):

A maximum of two Required Coures can be completed outside of IU Bloomington.

  • BUS-A 200: Foundations of Accounting (3 credits) P: none
    • While not recommended, students may subsitute  BUS-A 201/205 (no longer offered at IUB), BUS-A 202/207 (no longer offered at IUB), BUS-A 304/307, or BUS-A 306/309 to meet the Accounting requirement for the minor
  • BUS-F 260: Personal Finance (3 credits) P: none
  • BUS-X 100: Business Administration: Introduction
  • Choose 1:
    • ECON-B 251: Fundamental of Economics for Business I (3 credits) P: none
    • ECON-E 201: Microeconomics (3 credits) P: none
    • ECON-E 251: Fundatmental of Economics I (3 credits) P: none
  • Choose 1:
    • ECON-B 252: Fundamentals of Economics for Business II (3 credits) P: ECON-B 251
    • ECON-E 202: Macroeconomics (3 credits) P: ECON-E 201
    • ECON-E 252: Fundatmental of Economics II (3 credits) P: ECON-E 251

Elective Business Courses (6 credits required):

ALL Elective Business Courses must be completed on the IU Bloomington campus.

  • BUS-C 204: Business Communication (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing & English Composition with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-F 300: Introduction to Financial Management (3 credits) P: BUS-A 200 OR BUS-A 201/205/304/307 OR BUS-A 202/207/306/309
  • BUS-G 300: Introduction to Managerial Economics & Strategy (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
  • BUS-J 306: Strategic Management & Leadership (3 credits) P: Junior standing
  • BUS-K 201: The Computer in Business (3 credits) P: none
  • BUS-L 100: Personal Law (3 credits) P: none
  • BUS-L 201: Legal Environoment of Business (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
  • BUS-M 300: Introduction to Marketing (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
  • BUS-P 300: Introduction to Operations Management (3 cr.) P: BUS-K 201/204
  • BUS-R 300: Principles of Real Estate (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
  • BUS-W 212: Exploring Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: none
  • BUS-W 300: New Venture Management (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing

Additional Electives (9 crdits):

ALL Additional Electives must be completed on the IU Bloomington campus.

  • Successfully complete nine additional elective credits to reach a total of 30 credits. 
    • These credits may be taken from any department on the IU Bloomington campus.
    • Remedial courses will not count in this area.

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