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Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Minor in Theatre and Drama

Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in theatre and drama, including the College's requirements for minors, and the following:

  1. One of the following:
    • THTR-T 100 Introduction to Theatre
    • THTR-T 101 Script Analysis for the Theatre
  2. THTR-T 120 Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting
  3. THTR-T 125 Performance as Art and Design
  4. One course in theatre history and dramatic literature from the following options:
    • THTR-T 370 History of Theatre and Drama I
    • THTR-T 371 History of Theatre and Drama II
    • THTR-T 460 Development of Dramatic Art I
    • THTR-T 461 Development of Dramatic Art II
    • THTR-T 462 Development of Dramatic Art III
    • THTR-T 468 Asian Performance
  5. Two additional upper-level courses chosen from the four areas of concentration listed in the major. Students are advised to take the courses in the minor in a building progression (i.e., THTR-T 100 or THTR-T 120 should be taken early in the progression of study).
  6. At least 9 credit hours of coursework must be completed at the 300–400 level.

Students are advised to plan their minor program of study in consultation with both their major and minor advisors