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Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Major in Theatre and Drama

The B.A. in Theatre and Drama offers a curriculum based on the belief that theatrical production and classroom study are of equal and complementary value. Courses in acting, directing, dramatic literature, theatre history, playwriting, design, and theatre technology are all vital and interrelated aspects of the Theatre and Drama program, in that they give students the skills to analyze, produce and perform theatre. Dramatic literature and theatre history courses provide perspective and theory which increase a student's understanding of drama. Production and performance courses offer students the hands-on experience in making theatre. Training in the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance at Indiana University prepares graduates for professional careers in a world increasingly dependent upon the arts and humanities for its information, entertainment, and cultural enlightenment.


Students must complete 33 credit hours in Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, including the following:

  1. Introductory Courses. (Students are advised to take the courses in a building progression—i.e., T100 should be taken early in the progression of study. See the academic advisor for clarification.)
    1. T100 Introduction to Theatre
    2. T101 Script Analysis
    3. T121 Acting I for Majors: Introduction to Acting (T120 is accepted as a substitute)
    4. T125 Performance as Art and Design
    5. T340 Directing I: Fundamentals of Directing
    6. T370 History of Theatre and Drama I
    7. T371 History of Theatre and Drama II
    8. Choose two technical theatre classes from the following list:
      • T334 Costume Construction I
      • T335 Stage Lighting Design
      • T347 Introduction to Sound Design for the Theatre
      • T350 Entertainment Technology and Production
  2. Two additional courses in one of the four following areas of concentration:
    • Dramatic literature, theatre history, and dramatic theory: T460, T461, T462, T468
    • Acting, directing, movement, and voice and speech: T202, T204, T220, T300, T301, T302, T304, T311, T319, T325, T404, T410, T411, T419, T421, T422, T441, T442, T443, T445, T448, T491
    • Scenic design, stagecraft, lighting design, costume design, sound design, and stage management: T130, T229, T323 T326, T329, T347, T408, T409, T417, T425, T426, T428, T430, T432, T433, T434, T435, T437, T438, T447, T451, T452, T464, T465, T466, T481. Any foundation-level tech class (T334, T335, T347, and T350) not used as an introductory course may count here as well.
    • Playwriting: T254, T454, T458
  3. 18 of the 33 credit hours must be taken in 300- and 400-level courses.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies will assign to the appropriate area of concentration any credits earned in theatre and drama courses T359, X373, T399, T483, X490, and T499.

Students must also complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Note: Students pursuing the B.A. in Theatre may also pursue the Dance Minor; however, only one course may be applied to both credentials, for a total of no more than 42 hours of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance coursework. Students should consult with the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance advisor for more information about this combination.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance in residence on the Bloomington campus. At least 6 credit hours must be taken in the student's area of concentration.

  1. Students who have taken an acting course at another school and wish to take any course of the acting curriculum beyond T120 or T121 must audition for the acting faculty for placement before the beginning of classes in the fall semester. See the academic advisor for date and time.
  2. All courses transferred from another institution or campus outside the State of Indiana College and University System must be evaluated through the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance Advising Office before they may be applied toward the theatre and drama major or minor. Transfer students must submit bulletin descriptions and course syllabi for potential transfer credits during the first semester of study.