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Illustration Minor


The Illustration Minor teaches students to communicate ideas through images. Course offerings incorporate a range of disciplines including drawing, painting, game design, industrial/product design, fashion illustration, architectural rendering, book illustration, and graphic novels. Students work with faculty from various areas to cultivate skills, critical thinking strategies, conceptual clarity, and originality. Studio practice is augmented by research and analysis of art and illustration history.


Students must complete at least 18 credit hours in the minor, including the College's minimum Requirements for Minors and the following:

  1. Introductory Courses. Complete both a and b:
    1. SOAD-S 200 Drawing I
    2. Two (2) of the following:
      • SOAD-A 102 Creative Core: Drawing
      • SOAD-D 202 Interior Visualization
      • SOAD-F 213 Fashion Design I: Research and Illustration
      • SOAD-S 210 Digital Art: Survey and Practice
      • SOAD-S 230 Painting I
      • SOAD-S 240 Basic Printmaking Media
      • SOAD-S 250 Graphic Design I
      • FOLK-F 235 Personal Narratives: A Course in Folklore and Literature
  2. Advanced Courses. Complete at least 9 credit hours selected from the following:
    • SOAD-S 300 Drawing II
    • SOAD-S 330 Painting II
    • SOAD-S 401 Anatomy for the Artist
    • ARTH-A 336 The Graphic Novel
    • MSCH-G 320 Game Art and Sound

Restrictions: Students pursuing a Major in Studio Art or the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio may not earn this minor. Also, students may not earn both the Minor in Studio Art and the Minor in Illustration.