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Major in Studio Art—B.A.

The B.A. Major in Studio Art enables students to see, formulate, and articulate visual concepts through the manipulation of forms and materials. Its basic aim is to develop their awareness of visual expression within the humanist tradition. Creative activity in Studio Art and scholarship in History of Art are enriched by the sophisticated dynamics of learning in a liberal arts context and are challenged by the rigor of knowledge generation in a leading-edge research university.


Students must complete at least 39 credit hours in studio and at least 12 credit hours in art history (at least 51 credit hours total), including the following:

  1. Creative Core. Complete a–e below:
    1. SOAD-A 100 Pathways: Introduction to Art, Design and Merchandising
    2. SOAD-A 101 Creative Core: Color
    3. SOAD-A 102 Creative Core: Drawing
    4. SOAD-A 103 Creative Core: 3D Design
    5. SOAD-A 211 Cross-Disciplinary Workshops (any topic)
  2. 200-Level Studios. Two (2) additional courses selected from the following:
    1. SOAD-A 211 Cross-Disciplinary Workshops (in addition to requirement 1e above)
    2. Any SOAD-S course at the 200 level
  3. Advanced Studio. Complete 18 additional credit hours in studio courses at the 300–400 level, including both two-dimensional and three-dimensional disciplines, with at least 3 credit hours at the 400 level.
  4. Additional Requirements. In fulfilling the above requirements, students must also:
    1. Complete at least 20 credit hours of studio courses in residence on the Bloomington campus.
    2. Satisfy the CASE Credit Hour and Residency Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. (The Major GPA includes all SOAD-A, SOAD-S, SOAD-U, and SOAD-X courses as well as their equivalents.)
  5. Art History (Addendum Requirement). Complete a–e below:
    1. ARTH-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art
    2. One (1) course selected from the following:
      • ARTH-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
      • ARTH-A 155 Introduction to African Art
      • ARTH-A 160 Introduction to East Asian Art
    3. One (1) ARTH course at the 200–400 level
    4. One (1) ARTH course at the 300–400 level in addition to 4c above
    5. At least six (6) credit hours from 4a–4d above must be completed in residence on the Bloomington campus. 

Students must also complete the B.A. degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Transferred Credit

All art history and studio courses transferred from another institution or campus must be evaluated by an appropriate faculty member before they may be applied toward a major in Studio Art. See Transferred Credit Review.