Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Amanda GuzmanPictured | Amanda Guzman | B.A. in Communication Studies, Media Society, and Culture | Goshen, Indiana (hometown)
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Select One Concentration (24 cr.)
Interpersonal Communication

The concentration in Interpersonal Communication examines core concepts and processes of face-to-face interactions within social and intimate relationships. Students address themes such as listening, conflict, emotion, perception, and relationship changes that occur in the context of person-to-person communication. This concentration prepares students for professional and personal success by enhancing their communicative competency skills in message creation, production, exchange, and interpretation.

  • SPCH-S 122 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH-S 322 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH-S 380 Nonverbal Communication
  • SPCH-S 427 Cross Cultural Communication
  • SPCH-S 450 Gender and Communication
  • Select three courses from COMM, JOUR, SPCH or TEL


The concentration in Journalism prepares students for careers in the ever-evolving news media landscape. The degree provides practice in the foundations of traditional and emerging journalism. In this concentration, students develop skills in reporting, investigating, fact-checking, writing, and creating multimedia news content.

  • JOUR-J 300 Communications Law
  • JOUR-J 303 Online Journalism
  • JOUR-J 341 Newspaper Reporting
  • JOUR-J 351 News Editing
  • JOUR-J 401 Depth Reporting and Editing
  • Select three courses from COMM, JOUR, SPCH or TEL

Media, Culture, and Society

The concentration in Media, Culture and Society emphasizes the historical and cultural analyses of media. Students will critically examine the relationships between media, society and power. In this concentration, students analyze media representations, audience interpretations, and the impact of media on society.

  • JOUR-J 300 Communications Law
  • JOUR-J 410 Media as Social Institutions
  • JOUR-J 475 Race, Gender, and the Media
  • TEL-R 287 Processes and Effects of Mass Communication
  • TEL-R 404 Topical Seminar in Telecommunications
    May be repeated for credit up to three times with different topics
  • Select three courses from COMM, JOUR, SPCH or TEL

Organizational Communication

The concentration in Organizational Communication focuses on investigating and creating messages, actions, and behaviors in organizational contexts. It is a major growing area in communication studies that draws from interdisciplinary fields and explores questions of ethical leadership within organizations. In this concentration, students examine communication behavior in interpersonal, small group, public, and interorganizational settings.

  • JOUR-J 300 Communications Law
  • SPCH-S 229 Discussion and Group Methods
  • SPCH-S 324 Persuasive Speaking
  • SPCH-S 427 Cross Cultural Communication
  • SPCH-S 440 Organizational Communication
  • Select three courses from COMM, JOUR, SPCH or TEL

Public Relations

The concentration in Public Relations introduces students to the rigorous and rewarding work of the public relations practitioner. Public relations is a multifaceted, ever-evolving field woven into society in many dimensions from organizations and nonprofits to politics and entertainment. In this concentration, students practice public relations theory, research, strategic planning, writing, and ethics.

  • JOUR-J 319 Introduction to Public Relations
  • JOUR-J 390 Public Relations Writing
  • JOUR-J 429 Public Relations Campaigns
  • SPCH-S 307 Crisis Management 
  • SPCH-S 324 Persuasive Speaking
  • Select three courses from COMM, JOUR, SPCH or TEL

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