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World Languages and Cultures
  • Director: Associate Professor Marta Antón
  • Professors: Enrica Ardemagni
  • Associate Professors: Marta Antón, Herbert Brant, Rosa Tezanos-Pinto
  • Assistant Professors: Benjamin Van Wyke, Iker Zulaica-Hernández
  • Associate Professors Emeritae: Nancy Newton, Lucila Mena
  • Lecturers: Audrey Gertz, Daniela Schuvaks Katz
  • Coordinator of First-Year Program: Daniela Schuvaks Katz
  • Academic Advising: Cavanaugh Hall 545,(317) 274-0062
  • Website:

The mission of the program in Spanish at IUPUI is to assist students in achieving proficiency in the Spanish language and to lead them to an understanding of and appreciation for the wide range of Hispanic cultural, literary, and linguistic manifestations. To meet this goal, the program in Spanish offers introductory and advanced instruction in language, linguistics, culture and civilization, literature, and applied language studies.

The introductory and intermediate sequences of courses are designed to provide non-majors with an exploration into Spanish language and Hispanic culture as an essential component of a liberal arts education. The sequences aim to develop an interest in the language and the people who speak it, as well as to prepare students for a variety of careers with international dimensions.

The advanced curriculum prepares students to communicate orally and in writing on the different content areas that comprise the study of Spanish, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in their future careers, to meet their academic and personal goals, and to prepare them for graduate work. The study of Spanish at IUPUI incorporates the Standards for Foreign Language Learning and gives students the ability to:

  1. communicate with Spanish speakers in the United States and abroad;
  2. understand better the cultural manifestationa of other peoples;
  3. gain greater insight into the nature of language itself as well as their own native language;
  4. reinforce knowledge gained from other disciplines and connect it with the study of a second language; and
  5. develop a sense of a multilingual international community of which they form an integral part.

The curriculum in Spanish also incorporates most of the Principles of Undergraduate Learning and culminates in a capstone experience. 

Considering the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking population in the United States, a major in Spanish is becoming increasingly desirable in the workplace. The major in Spanish can prepare students for a wide variety of careers in such fields as education, social services, international business and finance, government service, international communications and information services, and the travel and hospitality industry.

For more detailed information about the program in Spanish, visit the Department of World Languages and Cultures on the Web:

Major in Spanish

In addition to fulfilling the general distribution requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree established by the School of Liberal Arts, the Spanish major must complete 30 credit hours i ncourses at the 300 and 400 levels (12 of which must be completed on the IUPUI Campus) with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.  Required courses at the 300 level are S313, S323, S326, S360, and S363.  Required courses at the 400 level are one course in literature (S407, S408, S431, S432, S445, S450, S455, S457, S461, S470, S471, S472, S477, or S495), one course in culture and civilization (S411 or S412), one course in linguistics (S425, S427, S428, S440, or S441), one elective, and the senior capstone (S487 or S498).

Senior Capstone

Only majors with senior standing may register for S487 Capstone Internship of S498 Capstone Seminar in Spanish with authorization.  Working with a project director, students will prepare a learning portfolio that integrates their undergraduate study through writing and reading projects, discussions with their capstone director, a research or internship project, and a final oral presentation.

Minor in Spanish

The minor in Spanish requires 15 credit hours of course work (a minimum of 6 credit hours must be completed on the IUPUI campus), with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.  Required courses are S311, S313, S317, and 6 additional credit hours from the 300 and 400 levels.  Note for heritate and native speakers of Spanish: S317 is not open to either heritage or native speakers.  Heritage students without native fluency in Spanish must obtain instructor's consent to take the course.  Spanish Minors with native fluency must take another course at the 300 or 400 level in Spanish to replace S317.

Teacher Certification

Teacher certification is obtained through the School of Education.  Students who wish to pursue certification at the secondary level must complete all professional courses required by the School of Education and should work with a School of Education advisor in consultation with a Spanish advisor.

Teaching Major Requirements

The teaching major in Spanish requires the completion of a minimum of 39-41 credit hours beyond the 100 level, including 33 credit hours in 300- and 400-level courses.  The following courses are specifically required: S313, S326, S360, S363, to additional foundation courses (S311, S317, S323), one course in literature (S407, S408, S431, S432, S445, S450, S455, S457, S461, S470, S471, S472, S477, or S495), one course in culture and civilization (S411 or S412), one course in linguistics (S425, S427, S428, S440, or S441), and S487 or S498.  Note for heritate and native speakers of Spanish: since S317 is not open to either heritage or native speakers, another course at the 300 or 400 level must be substituted.  Please consult the Director of the Program in Spanish.

Study Abroad Programs

Indiana University administers or co-sponsors a variety of programs that permit students to live and study in a Spanish-speaking country as part of their normal degree programs. Students receive IU credit and grades for program participation and can apply most financial aid to program costs. These include an academic-year program in Madrid, Spain, and semester programs in the Spanish cities of Alicante, Madrid, and Seville, and in Santiago, Chile, and a spring semester program for business majors in Monterrey, Mexico. Six-week summer programs are offered in Cuernavaca, Mexico, for intermediate students; in Salamanca, Spain, for students who have completed two or more years of Spanish; and in Guanajuato, Mexico, for advanced students.

A two-week program in the Dominican Republic is offered in conjunction with S363. A three-week summer program is offered in Pachuca, Mexico, for students who have completed at least first-year Spanish. Graduate credit is available through the Salamanca program. Students majoring in any discipline are encouraged to study abroad. All programs require applicants to have an overall B average. Some programs require as little as one semester’s previous study of Spanish, while others are appropriate for students in advanced Spanish courses.

Students interested in study opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries should visit the Office of International Affairs, ES 2129B, IUPUI, (317) 274-2081 or the Department of World Languages and Cultures office in CA545.

The Spanish Resource Center at IUPUI

The Spanish Resource Center (SRC) in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI is the result of cooperative efforts between the Department of World Languages and Cultures and the Spanish Embassy’s Ministry of Education. Its mission is to improve the teaching of the Spanish language and culture in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois, providing a meeting place for those involved in the teaching and study of Hispanic language and culture, including teachers, students, and administrators of all levels.

Established in 1998, it is the only Spanish Resource Center in Indiana, and one of only 12 across the country. I provides a large collection of Spanish learning resources (books, videos, DVDs and CDs) and other services to students and teachers of Spanish such as conversation hours, film series’, professional development workshops, and immersion days. The Center also promotes various programs and scholarships run by the Spanish Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Department of Education of the four states mentioned above, as well as several school districts and universities in the Midwest.

The center is located at Cavanaugh Hall 205 on the IUPUI campus, (317) 278-1210.

DELE Exams

IUPUI is an official testing site for the DELEs, Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language, issued by Spain’s Ministry of Education. They offer official accreditation of mastery of the Spanish language for citizens of countries in which Spanish is not the official language. The examinations are offered at the six levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), and consist of five sections: reading comprehension, written expression, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and oral expression. The diplomas are recognized by official institutions of Spanish-speaking countries, by corporations, chambers of commerce, and educational institutions in the United States.

Applicants must provide proof of citizenship in a country in which Spanish is not the official language (anyone with a United States passport is eligible). Applicants for the advanced level must be sixteen years of age or older; there is no minimum age for the intermediate or the high intermediate levels. For more information, contact the Spanish Resource Center (317) 278-1210 or General information on the exams and sample test formats and prices may be found at or

Other Activities

Sigma Delta Pi A chapter of the national Spanish honorary society, Sigma Delta Pi, was established in 1990. Undergraduate and graduate students meeting the qualification requirements may be eligible for induction into the IUPUI chapter, Sigma Epsilon.

Spanish Club The Program in Spanish sponsors a Spanish Club, open to all interested students. Various events of cultural and academic interest are presented during the academic year.

IUPUI offers a two-week summer study abroad program in Heilbronn in southwestern Germany for students who have completed at least first-year German. The program includes intensive language training, educational field trips, and a service learning component.