Departments, Programs and Centers



  • Chair: Neale Chumbler, PhD
  • Professors: David C. Bell, Neale Chumbler, Carol B. Gardner, Linda Haas, Jay Howard, Lynn Pike, Robert J. White, Colin Williams, Patricia Wittberg
  • Associate Professors: Robert Aponte, Wan-Ning Bao, Carrie Foote, William Gronfein, Ain Haas, Najja Modibo, Peter Seybold
  • Assistant Professors: Tamara Leech, Marci Littlefield
  • Clinical Associate Professor: James Wolf
  • Adjunct Professors: Betsy Fife and Eric Wright
  • Adjunct Associate Professors: Gail Whitchurch
  • Adjunct: Assistant Professor Devon Hensel
  • Lecturers: David Strong, Aimee Zoeller
  • Academic Advising: Cavanaugh Hall 303, (317) 274-8981;

The Department of Sociology has a twofold mission: (1) to provide courses in sociology to all segments of the university, thereby acquainting the general student with the unique perspective and uses of sociology; and (2) to prepare sociology majors for advanced study or careers in sociology or related fields.

Sociology courses are designed to take advantage of the unique resources of an urban campus. The curriculum emphasizes the applied aspects of sociology as well as those segments of sociology necessary for advanced study. Courses in sociology serve to broaden the understanding of all students and should be of particular interest to students preparing for careers in professional social science, education, government, law, criminal justice, urban affairs, social service, medical service fields, and business. In an ever-changing environment, the Department of Sociology strives to provide students with diverse educational experiences, including traditional education and fieldwork and/or survey research experience. Both undergraduate majors and graduate students are encouraged to participate in internships and research projects as part of their educational experience.