Departments, Programs and Centers


World Languages and Cultures
(Arabic, Chinese, Classical Studies, French, German, Italian, Japanese Studies, Spanish)

The IUPUI Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Spanish, seven undergraduate programs of language and culture study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, and an undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies. Our department also teaches the content courses for the Bachelor of Science degree and teacher certification with the IU School of Education, as well as a dual degree option with the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Languages taught for credit at IUPUI include the courses offered by the three degree-granting programs in French, German, and Spanish; courses offered by Japanese Studies and Classical Studies, which offer minors and an Individualized Major; and all other courses for languages presently under development into programs, including Arabic, Chinese, and Italian. The language-specific programs are listed alphabetically, followed by the Undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies and Interpreting and other World Languages and Cultures courses.

Credit in World Languages by Placement and Course Credential

All students admitted to IUPUI with previous knowledge of a world language taught at IUPUI are urged to take the appropriate placement test as the best means to assess their level of proficiency. The electronic test in French, German, or Spanish is free of charge and helps students place into a more advanced class depending upon their results. (Placement assessment for Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Latin is conducted by appropriate faculty.) Students may test out of the first and/or second year of course work and qualify for special credits at a reduced fee after successfully completing the course into which they are placed. Special credits in world languages meet distribution requirements and count toward graduation. Up to a maximum of 16 special credits at the first- and second-year levels may be earned after IUPUI course validation, provided that the student is not a native speaker of the language. The Testing Center can be reached at (317) 274-2620 in the Business building, BS3003.

Native Speaker

A native speaker of the language is defined as a student who has attended a high school in the language for which credit is sought. Native speakers cannot obtain special credits at the first-year level in their native language as defined above, but may apply for second or third year special credit after IUPUI course validation.

The Multimedia Language Resource Center (MLRC)

The MLRC, located in CA 319, provides a variety of cutting-edge technological resources to enhance language learning: the Macintosh Computer Lab with Internet access, the Sony Listening Lab with video and audio playback, streaming audio, and recording consoles.

Study Abroad

Many study abroad programs are available to IUPUI students. Study or internship experience abroad dramatically improves language students’ listening and conversational skills and ability to interact with people of different backgrounds while enhancing their employment opportunities in all fields. The Study Abroad Office website has details about approved programs offered: