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World Languages and Cultures

Director:  Assistant Professor Jing Wang

Chinese is spoken by more than one billion people. The importance of learning Chinese is increasing every day as China rapidly emerges as a major player in business and world affairs. The Program in Chinese offers an individualized major in Chinese Studies, a minor in Chinese Studies, and an a certificate in Chinese Studies.

Individualized Major in Chinese

Students may also create an individualized major in Chinese. Students who are interested in designing their own Chinese major must first consult with Assistant Professor Jing Wang, Chinese Program Director and Professor Susan Shepherd, Director of the Individualized Major Program.

Chinese Studies Minor

The Minor in Chinese Studies consists of fifteen (15) credit hours in Chinese Studies or related courses approved by the Program Director (a minimum of 6 credit hours must be completed on the IUPUI campus). Courses at the 100-level do not count toward the minor.

Study Abroad

Study abroad in China is offered through the Confucius Institute. Students should contact the Confucius Institute for details.