Departments, Programs and Centers



  • Chair: Professor Thomas A. Upton
  • Professors: Dennis Bingham, Ulla M. Connor, Jonathan R. Eller, Karen Kovacik, Missy Dehn Kubitschek, Jane E. Schultz, William F. Touponce, Thomas A. Upton
  • Associate Professors: Julie Belz, Terri Bourus, Frederick J. DiCamilla, Mitchell L.H. Douglas, Stephen Fox, Ronda Henry, David Hoegberg, Karen R. Johnson, Kim Brian Lovejoy, Thomas Marvin, Robert Rebein, Susan C. Shepherd, Jennifer Thorington Springer
  • Assisstant Professors: Andre Buchenot, Estela Ene, Megan Musgrave
  • Senior Lecturers: M. Catherine Beck, Gail Bennett-Edelman, Aye-Nu Duerksen, Julie Freeman, Hannah Haas, Sharon Henriksen, Terry Kirts, Francia Kissel, Brian McDonald, Teresa Molinder Hogue, Jim Powell, David Sabol, Suzan Stamper, Scott Weeden, Anne C. Williams, Mel Wininger
  • Lecturers: Janet Acevedo, David Beck, Sally Hornback, Michal Hughes, Lynn Jettpace, Vera Masters, Leslie L. Miller, Frank Smith, Jeffrey Stenzoski
  • Adjunct Faculty: Associate Professor Catherine Dobris, Associate Professor Marjorie Rush Hovde, Assistant Professor Susan Kahn, Assistant Professor Katheryn Lauten
  • Emeritus Faculty: John D. Barlow, Marian D. Brock, Barbara Cambridge, Edwin Casebeer, Kenneth W. Davis, Sharon Hamilton, William M. Plater, Melvin L. Plotinsky, Mary J. Sauer, Phyllis Scherle, Helen J. Schwartz, Richard C. Turner, Harriet Wilkins
  • Academic Advising:
    • Cavanaugh Hall 423, (317) 274-3824
    • English department faculty advise majors under the coordination of Jim Powell, associate chair for students, Cavanaugh Hall 429, (317) 278-2985,

Through its courses and other activities in writing, creative writing, literature, linguistics, language instruction, and film, the Department of English seeks to foster students' abilities to read closely, think deeply and critically, research effectively, and write with clarity and purpose, preparing students for meaningful lives and a variety of careers.

The Department of English offers introductory and advanced instruction in the methods and traditions of literary analysis, writing, and language study. Its offers concentrations in five areas:  creative writing, film studies, language and linguistics, literature, and writing and literacy.

The department also administers the English for Academic Purposes Program, the Writing Program, and the University Writing Center as well as the program in American Sign Language/English Interpreting.

Contact the department office at (317) 274-3824 or with messages, questions, and announcements, or to subscribe to the department’s e-mail list for announcements and news.