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Department of Operations and Decision Technologies
Information and Process Management Major

The Information and Process Management (IPM) major is designed to address information technology and business process issues for operating and managing complex and distributed global businesses. Global business environments are characterized by unprecedented competitive pressures that demand innovative and speedy solutions. A key component of managing these fast-changing environments is the information systems that enable, integrate, and optimize business processes across the enterprise. The IPM major blends information management systems, decision sciences, and process management concepts and is ideal for working in such global environments. Many IPM graduates begin their careers as business analysts or consultants, where they can apply their information technology skills to solve business problems in functional areas such as accounting, finance, marketing and supply chain management. Demand for IPM graduates is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future, with average starting salaries likely to continue as the highest among all majors available in the Kelley School. The IPM major is ideal for students with an interest in information technology and systems, a high level of analytical ability, and a desire to work on challenging problems in a business environment.

Information and Process Management Major Requirements: S305, S307, S308 and K315 and twelve elective credit hours from S310, K317, S400 (or A337), K410, S428, S433, K450 and S450.

Technology Management Co-Major

The evolution of organizations into digital enterprises has created a strong demand for employees who understand and can integrate business practices, functional discipline knowledge, and information technology concepts. The intent of the Technology Management (TM) co-major is to provide Kelley School students the opportunity to complement their primary major with information technology and process management related coursework. Given the pervasiveness of information technologies in organizations, this combination of knowledge is very attractive to many potential employers, especially consulting firms. The TM co-major is flexible in course requirements and can thus be easily combined with a primary business major to create a very attractive double major. Students pursuing this co-major are required to take four courses. As a co-major, TM must be declared in conjunction with another Kelley business major.

Technology Management Co-Major Requirements: S307, K315, S400 (or A337) and three elective credit hours from S305, S310, K317 and S450.

Supply Chain Management Major

Globalization has changed the nature of the locations in which companies sell their products —and those in which they source (make and buy) their components for various products.  All of this has focused management on the need to have supply lines coming from the best sources of raw materials all the way through to the customer, no matter where they are in the world. Corporations around the world are using supply chains to effectively innovate in the global marketplace and gain core competencies. These global economic environments have thrust the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to the forefront of business prominence and practice where companies are focusing on developing efficient and effective Supply Chains in order to obtain a competitive advantage. By coordinating both product and information flow, supply chain management has become a hot area and offers exciting new careers in areas such as strategic sourcing, distribution and logistics, and business analysis, both in corporations and consulting firms. The Supply Chain Management major is a blend of Operations Management with advanced SCM concepts and analytical modeling and focuses on developing and managing efficient and effective supply chains.

Supply Chain Major Requirements: P320, P421, P429, P431, K410 and six elective credit hours from A325, F305, F307, K315, K317, M303, M342/343, S305, S307, S400 (or A337), and Z404.

Production/Operations Management Major

The Production/Operations Management major allows students to tailor their interests in either line or staff positions in concert with any firm or industry including manufacturing, consulting, distribution and financial operations. The Production/Operations Management major offers career opportunities in consulting or in corporate positions in specialties such as strategic planning, merchandising, materials management, financial management, and audit and quality assurance. It is a perfect complement as a second major to functional areas such as finance, accounting, and marketing.

Production/Operations Co-Major Requirements: P320, P421, P429 and six elective credit hours from A325, F305, F307, K315, K317, M303, M342/343, S305, S307, S400 (or A337), and Z404.

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