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Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship encompasses the areas of management and organizations, human resource management, organizational behavior, strategic management, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, and international business. The department offers majors in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, International Business, and Management.

The Management Major provides students with a broad-based background that is particularly helpful as a second major for students already majoring in a specific functional or technical area (e.g., accounting, finance, operations, etc.). The Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Major is aimed at two types of students:  those who wish to start their own firms (i.e., Entrepreneurship) and those who wish to work in innovation areas at existing firms (e.g., a new start-up at a large firm). Finally, the International Business Co-major is available for students who wish to be involved in global management, either working abroad in global firms or working for US firms in areas that support their international operations.

Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Major

The image of business in the United States is often one of mammoth national and multinational corporations. Too often the role of the entrepreneur in the corporate setting and the importance of small businesses in the economy are overlooked. A vital cornerstone in sustaining the free enterprise system is the continual birth of new enterprises and the identification, encouragement, and nurturing of entrepreneurial aspirations within larger organizations.

The Kelley School of Business, recognizing the contributions of entrepreneurs and the interest shown by students, offers an entrepreneurship and corporation innovation major. This major focuses on the special skills and knowledge needed by entrepreneurs, managers of small and medium-sized firms, and innovators within corporate contexts.

Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Major Requirements: W232, W233, W313, W406, W420, and F317 and 3 elective credits from W409, W212 (if W212 is taken before I-Core), J411/J420, Z340, Z404, Z447, A310, F307, F402, M303, and L311.

International Business Co-Major

U.S. firms have progressed far beyond the comparatively simple stage of import-export operations in response to new and dynamic patterns of international business. Many companies are becoming multinational, with production units in numerous foreign countries. Many foreign entities also operate in the United States. For these reasons, private enterprise in the U.S. has become more intimately concerned not only with international business but also with the underlying economic, political, and social trends of foreign nations. The multidisciplinary international business co-major focuses on these developments. As a co-major, International Business must be declared in conjunction with another Kelley business major.

International Business Co-Major Requirements: D301, D302; 3 credits of foreign language at 200-level or higher;  3-6 credit hours of electives from the following: D365, D488 (previously X488), D490, D496, , F494, G256, G309, G494, L411, M401, P256, X255, X330, X480, ECON-E 303, ECON-E 309, ECON-E 331, ECON-E 332, and ECON-E 337; and 0-3 additional credit hours of foreign language courses subsequent to required language hours, in the same language,  EALC-E 393, EALC-E 394, or courses in an approved study abroad program (see international programs advisor for approval).  EALC and ECON courses used for the International Business major may not double-count for the 27-hour Core or for Supplemental General Education credit.

Management Major

Society recognizes the importance of developing management skills and understanding the complex nature of the organizations under which managers operate, including business firms, government agencies, hospitals, universities and nonprofit organizations. Some courses offered in this major are concerned with broad aspects of management such as the development of strategic plans and the organization designs and human resources needed to support them. Other courses in this major focus on learning leadership skills needed to motivate individuals and guide teams in support of organizational goals. The Management Major is especially useful as a second major to students who have a first major in a technical or functional area (e.g., accounting, business economics, finance, etc.) and hope to eventually become managers in their fields, in which case they will need the management skills necessary to lead teams and motivate their subordinates.

Management Major Requirements: Z340, W430, Z447, J420, J411; 3-6 elective credit hours from D301, D302, W212, W232, W233, Z355, and Z404; 0-3 elective credit hours from L312, L406, F402, M303, P320, G303, and A325.

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