About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

Other Required Courses and Credits
To complete their degrees and be eligible for graduation, Kelley undergraduates take the following courses.
  • Macroecomics:  ECON-E 202/S202 (P: E201; 3 cr.) E202 is a required course that may be taken at any time but must be taken prior to graduation and prior to studying abroad with a Kelley program.
  • Ethics & the 2st Century Business Leader:  BUS-L 375/L376 (P or C: I-Core; 2 cr.) L375 (L376 Honors) may be taken concurrently with I-Core or after I-Core; it must be completed prior to graduation.
  • Strategic Management:  BUS-J 375/376 (P: I-Core; 3 cr.) J375 (J376 Honors) is a required courses that must be taken after I-Core and prior to graduation.
Major Courses

All Kelley students must complete one of twelve business majors, consisting of 15-31 credits (see departmental sections on major requirements). Some students also choose to pursue one of two co-majors in addition to their primary major or to add a second primary major to their course of study. Students should consult with their Kelley academic advisors and career coaches to determine whether/how a second or third major would match their interests or add value to their professional portfolios.

Non-Business Minors

Kelley students are encouraged to pursue minors outside of the business school to further explore their interests and round out their college experiences.  Kelley academic advisors and career coaches can help students evaluate how outside minors might enhance their professional portfolios.

Supplemental Credits to Reach 124 Graduation Credits

All Kelley students must complete at least 124 credits, with an overall GPA of 2.0, in order to be eligible for graduation.  Students should confer with their Kelley academic advisors to determine if, after completing all other degree requirements, they need to take additional courses to satisfy this requirement.

Academic Bulletins

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