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Majors by Department

Department of Finance

The Finance department offers two majors: Finance and Real Estate.  Students in both majors are required to complete the “Finance Core,” which consists of two courses: F303 Intermediate Investments and F305 Intermediate Corporate Finance. The Finance Core provides a rigorous treatment of the core concepts of finance and develops spreadsheet skills in financial modeling. This core also provides a solid depth of knowledge and serves as a foundation for all of the 400-level finance electives. In addition, both majors include credit hours in accounting which lay a critical foundation that employers demand. An overall GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses counting toward the major.

Finance Major

The Finance major prepares students for careers in finance, including positions in five subfields: (1) corporate finance positions, such as financial analyst or treasurer (F307, F402, F408), (2) investment positions, such as broker, security analyst, portfolio manager, or trader (F335, F419, F420, F421), (3) banking positions, such as credit analyst, loan officer, or branch manager (F446, G345), (4) international finance positions, such as working in finance outside the U.S. or working in finance in the U.S. arm of a multinational corporation (F494), (5) entrepreneurial finance positions, such as venture capitalist or small business finance (F317). Nearly all of these courses further develop spreadsheet skills in financial modeling. Detailed one-page course descriptions are available at www.kelley.iu.edu/finance.

Finance Major Requirements: F303, F305, A310, A324 and (A327 or A329), and twelve elective credits (six at the 400-level) from F307, F317, F335, F390, F402, F408, F419, F420, F421, F446, F494, and G345.

Permitted Substitutions:

  • A311 and A312 (combined) may substitute for A310 and 3.0 credit hours of a 400-level finance elective. Credit is given for only one of A310 or (A311 and/or A312).
  • A325 may substitute for A324 and (A327 or A329)
  • ECON-E 305 may substitute for BUS-G 345.
Real Estate Major

The Real Estate major prepares students for careers in corporate real estate, investment analysis, appraising, financing, mortgage banking, property management, and residential and commercial properties marketing. The curriculum emphasizes analytic techniques applicable to real estate (R305), appraisal methods (R440), and the decision-making process for acquiring, financing, and managing income-producing properties (R443). Real estate represents a substantial portion of the nation’s wealth and is an important component of the investment portfolios of many individual investors and financial institutions.

Real Estate Major Requirements: A310, F303, F305, L408, R305, R440, R443 and three elective credit hours from A329, F307, F317, F335, F402, F408, F419, F420, F421, F446, F494, L409, and G345.

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