About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

IUB General Education Curriculum

All Kelley School undergraduate students who have matriculated to IU Bloomington, in May 2011 or later, follow the IUB General Education Curriculum outlined at http://gened.iub.edu/, which are incorporated in the 2011 and 2012 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business.

Kelley Students who matriculated to Indiana University Bloomington prior to May 2011, have two choices:

  • Continue with the 1996-2010 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business and the General Education requirements for that degree: http://www.indiana.edu/~bulletin/iub/kelley-ugrad/2010-2011/index.shtml

  • Switch completely to the 2011 degree requirements for the B.S. in Business as outlined in the 2011-12 bulletin, which include the IUB General Education Curriculum requirements (see Kelley academic advisor to discuss or make this change).

Academic Bulletins

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