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Department of Business Law and Ethics
Legal Studies Major

The business law department’s course offerings acquaint students with what is probably the most important external factor affecting business decisions: the law. These courses provide an understanding of the nature, functions, and practical operation of the legal system. They also provide considerable information about the most important substantive legal rules facilitating and restricting business conduct. Finally, they help develop both critical reasoning skills and an appreciation of the social, ethical, and economic forces that affect business.

Legal Studies Major Requirements: L201 (or L293), L470, three courses from L100, L250, L302, L307, L311, L312, L315, L350, L356, L406, L408, L409, L314, and M429, and one additional course from the above list or from D301, G406, Z404, JOUR-J 300, SPEA-V 450, and POLS-Y 304. Students must receive approval from the Department of Business Law to count a course on law and public policy not listed here as the additional course. Three credit hours in Business Law topics courses (L255, L355, or L455) may be substituted for any of the above courses except for L201, L293, and L470.

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