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Department of Marketing
Marketing Major

The study of marketing concerns itself with all activities related to the marketing and distribution of goods and services, from producers to consumers. Areas of study include consumer behavior, the development of new products, pricing policies, institutions and channels of distribution (including retailing, the Internet, and wholesaling), advertising, professional selling, sales promotion, marketing research, and the management of marketing to provide for profitable and expanding businesses.

The marketing curriculum provides comprehensive training for students so they can approach problems with a clear understanding both of marketing and of the interrelationships between marketing and other functions of the firm. Marketing majors include students planning careers in marketing, management, advertising, professional sales, sales management, retailing, wholesaling, marketing research, and distribution. Students may pursue within the curriculum a modest degree of specialization in the area of their vocational interest.

Marketing Major Requirements: M303, M342, M343, M344, M450, and nine elective credit hours from M255 (if taken prior to I-Core), M330, M355, M401, M402, M405, M407, M415, M419, M426, M429, M431, M432, and M455.

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