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Spanish and Portuguese

Minor in Spanish

At least 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours of coursework, including:

  1. S250 Second-Year Spanish II
  2. S280 Spanish Grammar in Context (see note letter "a" below)
  3. Complete two of the following three core courses for a minimum of 6 credit hours:
    • S324 Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures
    • S326 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
    • S328 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  4. One 3 credit elective course at the S300-S400 level
  5. At least 9 credit hours of the minor must be completed on the Bloomington campus.


  1. Students who place into the S300 level are not eligible for S280 credit. As a result, they must take an additional 3 credits at the S300 or S400 level.
  2. Native speakers of Spanish are expected to complete the minor with coursework at the S300 and S400 level.
  3. All courses for the minor must be taught in Spanish: courses in Portuguese or Catalan will not count toward the minor.
  4. The following courses cannot be used to fulfill any portion of the minor: S220, S260, S265, S269, S284, S290, S421, X492.
  5. For detailed information about the options available to minors, consult the departmental office of undergraduate studies.
  6. In fulfilling the above requirements, students must also meet all other College requirements for minors.