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Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies
  1. A minimum of 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours in Religious Studies
  2. At least one course above the 100 level chosen from three of the four areas:
    • Area A (Africa, Europe, and West Asia)
    • Area B (South and East Asia)
    • Area C (The Americas)
    • Area D (Theory, Ethics, Comparison)
  3. No more than two courses at the 100 level. (Critical Approaches courses taught by Religious Studies faculty can be counted toward the minor. COLL-C 103 and COLL-C 104 count as 100-level courses.)
  4. At least three courses (9 credit hours) must be completed at the 300 level or above
In fulfilling the above requirements, students must also meet all other College requirements for minors.