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Psychological and Brain Sciences

Minor in Psychology
Required Courses

Students must complete 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours including:

  1. P155 or both P101 and P102.
  2. Psychology K300 or K310 or another approved College statistics course.
  3. Any two additional courses in psychology at the 300 or 400 level.
  4. In addition, students must complete mathematics M106, M118 (V118, D116-D117), or M119 (V119), or a 200-level mathematics course or the equivalent with a minimum grade of C–.
  5. At least 9 credit hours of coursework for the minor must be completed at the 300–400 level.
Please note:
  • All courses must be completed with a C– or higher, and minor courses must average a minimum of 2.000 overall.
  • Students whose major department requires a minor should consult with their advisor about additional or other requirements.
  • The residence requirement of at least 9 credit hours in the minor at Bloomington must be met.
  • In fulfilling the above requirements, students must also meet all other College requirements for minors.