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Psychological and Brain Sciences

Certificate in Neuroscience

A student may earn a certificate as part of completing the bachelor's degree and in addition to completing requirements for a major. Through coursework and lab experiences in this interdisciplinary certificate program, students will develop an in-depth understanding in neuroscience, from the cellular and molecular bases of nervous system function, to a systems-level approach to the study of brain-behavior relationships.

Required Courses

Students must complete a minimum of nine courses (three required basic courses, three advanced neuroscience courses, two labs, one elective) for a minimum total of 24 credit hours. Students must complete each course required for the certificate with a grade of C– or higher, with an overall GPA of 2.000 for all certificate courses. Students completing a major in Neuroscience are not eligible to complete this certificate. In fulfilling these requirements, students must meet all other College requirements for certificates.

Required Basic Courses

Complete all three:

  1. PSY-P 101 or P106 or P155
  2. PSY-P 346 (or P326)
  3. BIOL-L 112 or H 112
Advanced Neuroscience Courses

Complete any three courses from the following:

  • PSY-P 337, P349, P386, P406, P407, P409, P410, P411, P423, P437, P441, P444, P453, P456, P457 (any topic with P326 or P346 as a prerequisite), P466, P467, P469, P470
  • BIOL-L 410 (approved seminars), BIOL-L 423, BIOL-Z 463
  • COGS-Q 301
  • PHYS-P 317
Lab Courses

Any two of the following: PSY-P 426, P433, P472, P473, an approved lab experience with enrollment in an appropriate departmental research course such as PSY-X 498 or P499, BIOL-X 490, CHEM-X 499, PHYS-X 498, SPHS-X 490.

Elective Courses

Any one from the options below. Note that some of the elective courses have prerequisites that are not included in the "Required Basic Courses" listed above.

  • ANAT-A 464
  • BIOL-L 111, L211, L311, L312, L317, L321, L331, L417, P451, Z466
  • CHEM-C 101-C121, C102-C122, C103, C105-C125, C106-C126, C117-C127, C118, C341, C342, C343, C344, C483, C485, N330
  • MSCI-P 416, A464, P417, P431
  • PHSL-P 416 or P417
  • PSY-P 303 or P329