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Interdepartmental Honors Program in Philosophy and Political Science

Students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.300 and minimum 3.500 in political science are eligible for the interdepartmental honors program in political science and philosophy, which culminates with an honors thesis. The honors program has two requirements:

  1. One honors thesis.* The thesis must earn a grade of B+ or higher in order for the student to receive honors.
  2. One of the following pairs of courses:
    • PHIL-P 498 Honors Thesis Directed Research and P499 Honors Thesis or
    • POLS-Y 499 Honors Thesis Colloquium and Y499 Honors Thesis Research

The choice of the pair depends on whether the student's honors director is a philosophy or political science faculty member. The thesis will be judged by an honors committee that consists of members from both departments.

*Although the thesis typically involves topics and issues from both disciplines, exceptions will be allowed with the approval of the directors of undergraduate studies from both departments.