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Departmental Honors Program

The honors program of the Department of Mathematics is designed for students with a wide variety of interests and goals. Honors courses are regularly offered at each academic level. The program includes courses for students who are not majoring in science and mathematics. Honors coursework gives recognizably distinguished preparation to those who wish to apply mathematical methods to other fields. Completion of the honors program coursework offers optimal preparation for graduate study and for a career as a professional mathematician.

Math-S class sizes are typically smaller than their MATH-M counterparts. The curriculum in honors courses differs substantially from the Math-M versions. Honors courses present mathematics with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and on rigorous explanations. Students who excel in Math-M courses and are committed to the study of mathematics are encouraged to try an honors course after consulting with a Mathematics Department advisor.

The program for mathematics majors normally begins with S211 or S212. Those who wish to graduate with honors in mathematics are expected to complete courses S303, S311, S312, S403, S413-S414, and at least two 6 credit hour "S" or "M" sequences at the 400 level or above. (S403-S404 may be used to fulfill this requirement.) Students in this program must achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.300 in all of their courses and at least a grade point average of 3.500 in their mathematics courses. Students who successfully complete most of the courses above may petition the department to qualify for departmental honors. Qualified non–honors students may petition the department to take honors mathematics courses beginning with S303 or S311.