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Minor in Computational Linguistics

The Minor in Computational Linguistics supplements coursework in related fields by bringing together linguistic analysis and computational techniques. Students gain skill sets not found in their major that tie together otherwise disparate areas.


Students must complete at least 15 credit hours in the minor, including the College's minimum Requirements for Minors and the following:1

  1. Introductory courses. Complete both a and b below:
    1. LING-L 203 Introduction to the Study of Language2
    2. One (1) of the following:
      • LING-L 307 Phonology
      • LING-L 310 Syntax
  2. Foundational courses. Complete a--c below:
    1. One (1) of the following:
      • INFO-H 101 Introduction to Informatics, Honors
      • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics
      • INFO-H 210 Information Infrastructure I, Honors
      • INFO-I 210 Information Infrastructure I
    2. LING-L 435 Foundational Skills in Computational Linguistics3
    3. LING-L 445 The Computer and Natural Language
  3. Electives. Complete additional courses, as needed, to fulfill remaining requirements, selected from the following:
    • LING-L 245 Language and Computers
    • LING-L 415 Corpus Linguistics
    • Another related course approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies

Note: Students pursuing the B.A. Major in Linguistics may earn this minor, but should work closely with their academic advisor to comply with the College's Policy on Counting a Course toward Multiple Degree Objectives.

1 Most students will need to complete at least 16 credit hours in order to fulfill all requirements.

2 This requirement (1a) can be waived for students pursuing the B.A. Major in Linguistics. An additional course from the Electives (3) list will be required.

3 This requirement may be waived if the student already has programming skills. An additional course from the Electives (3) list will be required.