College Schools, Departments & Programs

Latino Studies

  • Sylvia Martinez (School of Education)
  • Raquel T. Anderson (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
  • Deborah N. Cohn (American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Manuel Díaz-Campos (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • César Félix-Brasdefer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Luis Fuentes-Rohwer (Maurer School of Law)
  • Jeffrey L. Gould (History)
  • Peter Guardino (History)
  • Vivian Nun Halloran (American Studies, English)
  • Bradley Levinson (School of Education)
  • John McDowell (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Christiana Ochoa (Maurer School of Law)
  • Dina Okamoto (Sociology)
  • Fabio Rojas (Sociology)
  • Alberto Torchinsky (Emeritus, Mathematics)
Associate Professors
  • Anke Birkenmaier (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Serafín Coronel-Molina (School of Education)
  • Arlene Díaz (History)
  • Manuel Díaz-Campos (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Lessie Jo Frazier (Gender Studies)
  • Luis A. González (Wells Library)
  • L. Shane Greene (Anthropology)
  • Jennifer Lee (Sociology)
  • Sylvia Martinez (School of Education)
  • Rebecca Martinez (School of Education)
  • Carmen L. Medina (School of Education)
  • Eden Medina (School of Informatics and Computing)
  • Alejandro Mejías-López (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Luciana Namorato (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • John Nieto-Phillips (History)
  • Daniel Suslak (Anthropology)
Assistant Professors
  • Bernard L. Fraga (Political Science)
  • Ricardo Andrés Guzmán (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Javier León (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Jonathan Risner (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Alberto Varon (English)
  • Quetzil Castañeda (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
  • Fernando Orejuela (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Academic Advisor
  • Natalie Techentin, (GISB East) GA 1040, (812) 856-3118. Students should refer to the List of Advisors for updates.