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India Studies

Certificate in India Studies

The undergraduate Certificate in India Studies requires 24 credit hours, including all other College requirements for certificates and the following:

  1. I100 Introduction to India (the core course for India studies);
  2. Two courses each from the three areas of specialized work in India studies (i.e., two courses from the Literary and Performance Studies group, two courses from the Philosophical and Religious Studies group, and two courses from the Social, Political, and Historical Studies group);
  3. The remainder of the units will come from interdisciplinary electives in any of the areas of specialization. See the India Studies Advising Office, 825 E. Eighth Street, for a listing of courses in each area of specialization.
  4. Of the total 24 credit hours, at least 15 credit hours must be taken from courses at the 300 level or above.

It should be noted that, under certain circumstances, other courses that include some aspect of the study of India may, by special arrangement and with the permission of the director of the India Studies Program, be counted toward the certificate program. The first two years of language instruction in Hindi or Sanskrit, however, do not count toward completion of the certificate.

The India Studies Program encourages work in elementary, intermediate, and advanced Hindi and Sanskrit. All students in the certificate program are strongly urged to study either Hindi or Sanskrit (and preferably both) and to begin the study of the languages at the earliest possible opportunity. Students in the program should also consider the possibility of studying in India and should consult about this possibility with the Office of Overseas Study, Leo R. Dowling International Center, (812) 855-9304 ( India also has a rich English-medium cultural tradition (in such areas as Indo-British literature, drama, and Third World studies, among others), so students may choose to focus their work on these English language traditions.