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Animal Behavior

Course Descriptions
  • ABEH-A 200 Workshop in Animal Behavior (3 cr.) For students pursuing a major in animal behavior. Introduces a range of research topics within animal behavior. Provides information on general experimental methods and design, and on potential research opportunities in the field.
  • ABEH-A 350 Animal Behavior Laboratory (3 cr.) Teaches how to observe, quantify, and manipulate animal behavior in a laboratory setting. Practices fundamental experimental techniques used in ethological research.
  • ABEH-A 400 Advanced Workshop in Animal Behavior (3 cr.) P: A200 and BIOL-Z 460. Research seminar for advanced animal behavior students. Focuses on an individual research project that culminates in a formal presentation related to the student's independent research or internship experience. Goal is to improve independent study, problem-solving, research, reading, writing, and oral presentation skills. Students also critically evaluate research in the primary literature and research presentations at the annual Animal Behavior Conference.
  • ABEH-A 401 Topical Issues in Animal Behavior (1-3 cr.) Topics related to the scientific study of animal behavior not studied extensively in other courses. Topics vary. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • ABEH-X 473 Animal Behavior Internship (1-6 cr.) P: Consent of department. Hands-on animal behavior research experience in practical situations. Interns are matched with faculty mentors and internship sites. Students combine research with practical service to the host organization. S/F grading. May be taken or repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours in X473 and A495.