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African Studies

Minor in African Expressive Culture

Students must complete at least 15 credit hours of coursework including the following:

  1. AFRI-L 231 or HIST-H 227 African Civilizations
  2. At least 12 credit hours of coursework chosen in consultation with the African Studies advisor, of which at least 9 credit hours must be completed at the 300-400 level.
  3. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed on the Bloomington campus.

In fulfilling the above requirements, students must meet all other College requirements for minors.

Courses That Are Pre-approved to Count toward the Minor
African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • AAAD-A 430 The Cinema of Africana Women (3 cr.) 
African Cinema
  • See courses in African American and African Diaspora Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, and History.
  • ANTH-E 300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups (3 cr.) (Approved topic: Photography and Ethnography)
  • ANTH-E 309 Problems in African Ethnography (3 cr.) 
  • ANTH-E 310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa (3 cr.) 
  • ANTH-E 386 Performance, Culture, and Power in the Middle East and North Africa (3 cr.) 
Art History
  • ARTH-A 155 Introduction to African Art (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 255 Topics in African Art History (3 cr.)
  • ARTH-A 352 Art of Eastern and Southern Africa (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 355 Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 356 Art of Central Africa (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 453 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa I: Arts of Africa’s Western Sudan (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 454 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa II: Arts of the West African Coast (3 cr.) 
  • ARTH-A 458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts (3 cr.) (African topics only)
College of Arts and Sciences
  • COLL-C 103 Critical Approaches to the Arts and Humanities (3 cr.)  (Approved topic: Magic, Science, and Art in Africa)
Comparative Literature
  • CMLT-C 261 Introduction to African Literature (3 cr.) 
  • CMLT-C 291 Studies in Non-Western Film (3 cr.)  (African topics only)
  • CMLT-C 361 African Literature and Other Arts (3 cr.) 
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  • FOLK-F 252 Folklore and the Humanities (3 cr.) (Approved topics: The Cultural Work of Music in East Africa; Global Pop Music)
  • FOLK-F 301 African Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.)
  • FOLK-E 302 Music in African Life (3 cr.)
  • FOLK-F 450 Music in Religious Thought and Experience (3 cr.)
French and Italian
  • FRIT-F 467 French Beyond the Hexagon (3 cr.) (African topics)
  • HIST-E 340 African History and Popular Culture (3 cr.)
  • HIST-J 300 Seminar in History (3 cr.) (Approved topic: African History and Film)
Additional courses may be approved by the African Studies advisor.