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African Studies

Minor in African Languages

Students must complete the following:

  1. A minimum of 12 credit hours in one of the following language tracks:
    • Akan: K201, K202, K301, K302
    • Bamana: B201, B202, B301, B302
    • Swahili: S201, S202, S301, S302
    • Wolof: W201, W202, W301, W302
    • Yoruba: Y201, Y202, Y301, Y302
    • Zulu: Z201, Z202, Z301, Z302
  2. A minimum of 3 credit hours in either LING-L 480 or LING-L 481.

At least 9 credit hours must be taken on the Bloomington campus; IU-sponsored and co-sponsored study abroad programs may be counted among the 9 credit hours.

In fulfilling the above requirements, students must also meet all other College requirements for minors.

Note: Elementary 100-level language courses do not count toward the minor. Most students will need to complete 23 credit hours to satisfy all minor requirements in order to complete the prerequisite first two semesters of the relevant African language as well as the courses required for the minor.