Distinctions & Opportunities

Arts and Sciences Career Services (ASCS)

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
625 North Jordan (10th & Jordan)
(812) 855-5234

Arts and Sciences Career Services provides services and resources for job search strategies and other post-graduate options to Arts and Sciences students. Services include resume and cover letter writing critiques, mock interviewing, listings for internships and full-time positions, career fairs, on-campus recruiting, and online recruiting.


Arts and Sciences Career Services also offer a number of career courses, including:

  • ASCS-Q 275 Professional Portfolio Development (1 cr.) Students create a professional portfolio, an educational tool used for reflection and the practical pursuit of graduate studies and/or career placement. Students incorporate their personal academic experience into a tangible record of their accomplishments in order to communicate the value of their liberal arts education with outside constituents. S/F grading.
  • ASCS-Q 294 College to Career I: Explore Your Options (2 cr.) P: Freshman or sophomore standing. Development and integration of self-assessment, career planning, and academic work. Students design and produce an individual career action plan. Through self-assessment instruments, they develop their understanding of their personal values, interests, skills, and personality in relation to their vocational options, academic process, and career projections. S/F grading.
  • ASCS-Q 296 College to Career II: Navigate Your Arts and Sciences Experience (2 cr.) R: Q294. Allows students to explore the relationship between their chosen field of study and life after graduation. Under the guidance of career and academic advisors, students assess their skills and work to address gaps in their skill set. Students also develop a portfolio highlighting marketable skills gained through course work and co-curricular experiences in preparation for seeking professional success after graduation.
  • ASCS-Q 299 College to Career III: Market Yourself for the Job and Internship Search (2 cr.) P: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. R: Q294. Requires special fee. Emphasis on identifying each individual's marketable skills, locating job possibilities, writing resumes and correspondence, and interviewing for jobs. Stresses the value of the arts and sciences degree in the competitive labor market. Ordinarily taught as an eight-week course. S/F grading. Credit given for only one of the following: Q299, Q400, Business X420, and SPEA-V 352.
  • ASCS-Q 377 The Art of Meaningful Work (3 cr.) Examines the idea that each of us has a "calling" or unique gift that can make a difference in the world. Through experiential, theoretical, and discussion-oriented exercises, students are challenged to deeply explore personal issues of spirituality, meaning, and purpose in relation to the world of work.
  • ASCS-Q 398 Internship: Theory into Practice (1-3 cr.) Provides opportunity to receive academic credit for a part-time or full-time internship experience that applies classroom concepts to the world of work. Requires approval from Arts and Sciences Career Services, learning contract, employer evaluations, weekly journal, reflective paper, and evaluation of internship site. S/F grading. Offered spring, summer, and fall. Course may be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • ASCS-W 498 Part-time Work Assignment (0 cr.) P: Approval from Arts and Sciences Career Services. Students can apply on the Career Development Center website. Offers students the opportunity to integrate academic studies with professional work experience in an internship or cooperative education assignment off campus. W498 is appropriate for students working in a part-time capacity (a minimum of 20 hours per week for 9 weeks).
  • ASCS-W 499 Work Assignment (0 cr.) Offers students the opportunity to integrate academic studies with professional work experience in an internship or cooperative education assignment off-campus. Approval required from Arts and Sciences Career Services.