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East Asian Languages and Cultures

Major in Language and Culture

The major in language and culture emphasizes language training in one of the East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean). The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Concentrations each require language study through the third-year level. In addition, there is also a fourth option called the Accelerated Chinese Concentration, which requires advanced Chinese language study beyond the fourth-year level and participation in the Chinese Flagship program. In addition to language study, Language and Culture majors take courses on the society's culture, including in-depth study in one of two subject areas, according to the student's primary interest: "History, Literature and Culture"; or "Politics, Social Science and Business." This major is intended for students who wish to develop a solid foundation of language skills and knowledge in one of the three culture areas or to prepare for graduate studies.


A minimum of 30 credit hours in department-approved courses with at least 18 credit hours at the 300–400 level, including:

  1. Third year, second-semester proficiency in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (i.e., through the 302 level). First-year language courses (C101-C102, J101-J102, J110, K101-K102) are not credited toward the total number of hours in the major.
  2. At least five culture courses (15 credit hours), one of which must be E310. Culture courses at the 100 level are not credited toward hours in the major. Three culture courses must be at the 300–400 level, selected from the same subject area (either History, Literature and Culture or Politics, Social Science, and Business). Though it does not count toward the subject area requirement, one fourth-year language course may be counted as a required culture course. For courses by subject area, please see the section of this Bulletin titled "East Asian Culture Courses by Subject Area."

For the Accelerated Chinese Concentration, a minimum of 36 credit hours in department-approved courses, at least 18 of which must be at the 300–400 level, including:

  1. Fourth-year, second-semester proficiency in Chinese (i.e., through the 402 level) and two semesters of C457 and/or C467. First- second- and third-year language courses (C101-C102, C201-202, and C301-C302) are not credited toward the total number of hours in the major.
  2. At least seven culture courses (20 credits), including the following required courses: E310, two 300-level EALC culture courses associated with C457 and/or C467, and another EALC culture course; and participation in the capstone program in China is required. Culture courses at the 100 level are not credited toward hours in the major. Capstone enrollments include three additional culture courses (at least 8 credits). Students pursuing the Accelerated Chinese Concentration need not select a subject area concentration within the culture courses.
  3. One semester of ASCS-W 499 (internship during capstone year in China (0 cr.)

Note that the Accelerated Chinese Concentration requires summer and overseas study. Because students are expected to have completed the equivalent of four years of language preparation by the end of their second college year, students with no prior background in Chinese who elect this concentration will be expected to take Chinese language courses during the summers after their freshman and sophomore years. Students with no prior background who enter the program after the freshman year should anticipate similar course work during the summer and a total of more than four years to graduate.

Students must complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students should also read Placement/Proficiency Examinations in this departmental section.