What is a Bulletin?

The College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin is a resource and roadmap that provides students with the information they need to make the most of their undergraduate education and to graduate from the College in a timely manner with a broad-based liberal arts degree. It is the official source of information regarding degree requirements, rules and regulations, programs of study, courses, and opportunities within and outside of individual departments and programs. Students pursuing degrees in other schools on the Bloomington campus should consult the IU Bloomington Bulletins website to find the appropriate bulletin that covers their degree program. Students will also find much useful information listed on the College website and the websites of individual departments and programs.  

Which Bulletin or Supplement Should You Use?

Students follow the requirements included in the Bulletin and Supplement published in the year they first enrolled (matriculated) as a degree-seeking student at Indiana University (any campus). For instance, a new freshman beginning at IUB in the summer or fall of 2014 will be held to the requirements laid out in the 2014-2015 Bulletin of the College of Arts and Sciences. For questions regarding which Bulletin or Supplement to use, please consult the College Recorder's Office, (812) 855-1821 or coasrecd@indiana.edu. The requirements outlined in the Bulletin or Supplement in effect at the time of your matriculation will remain constant throughout your time in the College, assuming you graduate within eight years.

**College of Arts and Sciences Bulletins were formerly printed on paper in an alternating two-year cycle of full-length Bulletins and abbreviated Supplements. Supplements listed only the policy, course, and requirement changes that occurred in the alternate year in a two-year cycle and did not reprint the information that was unchanged since the publication of the last full-length Bulletin. Students had to consult both the Bulletin and Supplement to access complete information. Since 2010 the College has moved to a yearly Bulletin cycle, and the official version is published once a year, online, in the month of May. Although the Bulletin is no longer printed, the online version includes PDF print functionality.


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