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East Asian Languages and Cultures

Placement/Proficiency Examinations
Students who have any background in an East Asian language are required to take a placement exam prior to initial enrollment in an EALC language course. Placement exams, as well as proficiency exams to satisfy language requirements, are given prior to classes each semester. Students should consult the departmental website at for the scheduled time and place. Within six months, students should take the course they place into. If more than six months pass, students must retake the placement test before registering.

Students who wish to document their language proficiency to satisfy a foreign language requirement must take a proficiency test, which is given on the same schedule as the placement test prior to the start of each semester.

Course work in East Asian languages taken other than at the IU Bloomington campus is subject to review by the department; for language courses, placement or proficiency exams are required for credit toward the major and for class placement.